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Workload lets you connect Patreon with 100's of the most popular business apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

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Patreon makes doing your job a lot easier. Now you can use Patreon with Workload to make connecting with the apps and APIs you already use a breeze. Save hours every week by using Workload to automatically create or update items in Patreon from the other apps you use.

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Patreon was built to power membership businesses for creators and strives to support creators who wish to gain consistent, sustainable income through their work. Patreon also empowers creators to retain direct contact with their most passionate fans and own creative control of their work.

Yes! Patreon and Workload are integrated via API. You don’t have to worry about your api keys because we are securely connected to {{app1}} through it’s OAuth2.0 connection.

Prices for Patreon vary according to usage. For the most accurate pricing, visit for more details.